Associate Professor Zhang Chuan from 188滚球投注 Has Achieved New Progress in the Study of Channel Decoding in Synthetic Biology

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Recently,the research group of Associate Professor Zhang Chuanfromthe School of Information Science and Engineering and the Center for Quantum Information Research of 188滚球投注 has decoded LDPC by means of molecular reaction network.Relevant research results titled "A Uniform Molecular Low-Density Parity-Check Decoder"waspublished on ACS Synthetic Biology,an important journal of synthetic biology and selected as the article on the Supplementary Cover.

Fig.1 (20,4) Factor GraphofLDPC Decoder

Fig.2 (20,4) Decoding Result of LDPCMolecule Decoder

Synthetic biology,as anewly-emerging research field,aims at transforming and designing new biological system under the guidance of engineering and computer theory.A low-density parity-check (LDPC) code,as a channel codingwithits ability of error correction approaching Shannon Limit,has been selected as the coding scheme for the fifth-generation mobilecommunication data channel.The research group of Associate Professor Zhang Chuan integrated the two and finally realized LDPC decoder by means of molecular reaction network.The research,on the basis of chemical reaction network,utilized DNA calculation to achieve the belief propagation algorithm,and thus proposed the design method of LDPC decoderfeaturingarbitrary code length,code rate and node freedom bymeansof DNA calculation.According to this design method,a LDPC decoder of any size (Fig.1) can be realized by DNA calculation,and the decoding result can be characterized by the specific molecular concentration (Fig.2).This research result has not only enabled the implementation of LDPC decoder no longer limit to the traditional silicon-based circuit,but also made the application of LDPC code possible in the biological field.

The co-first authors of this paper include Zhang Chuan,Associate Professor of the School of Information Science and Engineering and the Center for Quantum Information Research of 188滚球投注,and the graduate student Ge Lulu.Among others,Associate Professor Zhang Chuan is the correspondence author.The work has been funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China,"Outstanding Youth Fund"ofNatural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province,Category A programof"Young Scholars in Pursuit of Perfection" of Southeastern University.(School of Information Science and Engineering)

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