Prof.Ludger Hovestadt from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich) Is Employed as A Part-time Professor of 188滚球投注

By 吴婵Viewed14 2019-01-23

On January 17,Prof.Ludger Hovestadt from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich) was officially employed as a professor ofthe Institute of Architecture Internationalization Demonstration of 188滚球投注.Atthe appointment ceremony,Prof.Ge Ming,Deputy Dean of the School of Architecture,introduced Professor Hovestadt's academic experience.Li Biao,Director of the Institute of Architectural Computing and Applications,introduced the academic cooperation between the Institute and Prof.Hovestadt's studio and relevant research institutes of ETH Zurich in the past decade,the research directions and objectives in the future.Prof.Hovestadt expressed his gratitude to 188滚球投注 and expressed his expectations that the future collaboration researches could substantially promote the research on architectural digital technology.Finally,Han Dongqing,Dean of the School of Architecture,awarded the Letter of Appointment to Prof.Ludger Hovestadt and wore the emblem of 188滚球投注 for him.

Since June 2017 when the Institute of Architecture Internationalization Demonstrationof 188滚球投注 was established,it has successively employed such internationally renowned professor as David Lace Barlow to hold key positions.Professor Hovestadt has maintained long-term and continuous academic exchanges with our school.Many teachers and students of our school have obtained (or are studying for) Prof.Hovestadt professor studio and returned toworkfor the school.Prof.Hovestadt planned to establish a research platform concerning digital technology for international top Ph.D.candidates (including young teachers) between 188滚球投注 (SEU) and ETH Zurich so as to conduct international scientific exchanges and high-end academic exchanges at a fixed frequency every year.This plan has been strongly supported by theInstitute of Architecture Internationalization Demonstrationof 188滚球投注 and the School of Architecture of ETH Zurich.

Prof.Ludger Hovestadt is an architect and a computer scientist who has been serving ETH Zurich as a professor since 2000.He focuses on the use of computer technology to combine computability researcheswith complex information processing in architecture.At the same time,he is also the founder and partner of several companies with the business scope covering CNC construction,intelligent buildings,building information models and the digitization of energy networks,etc..Since 2009,his researches have focused on basic research in architecture,mathematics and computer technology.His most important publications include "Beyond the Grid - Architecture and Information Technology" (2009),"Printed Physics - Metalithicum Series Vol.1" (2012),"SHEAVES when things are,whatever can be the case" (2013),"EigenArchitecture - Computability as Literacy" (2014) and "A Quantum City,Mastering the Generic" (2015) (School of Architecture)